What’s It Worth? All Silver Is Not The Same

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All Silver Is Not The Same

One of the most intense interests at Hess Fine Art is antique silver. Most people don’t know that only half of our goods come from Tampa Bay residents. In addition, jewelers, collectors and pawn shops from around the world send us their unusual and expensive watches, jewelry and especially, their silver.

These three items were purchased from jewelers throughout the country. We pay a lot more for aesthetic, nouveau and Victorian arts, and crafts silver than most dealers. We paid over $3,000 for the oversized arts and crafts Shreve San Francisco 100 oz. centerpiece bowl (1). Shreve was a leader in silversmithing in the 19th century. On top is an English hallmarked 1870s-era military shooting award trophy (2). Only weighing 56 oz., we paid $1,200 – because of the history and well-known names engraved on this incredibly beautiful piece.

An Indiana jeweler sold us the magnificent loving cup with matching boars’ tusks (3) made by Alvin & Co. (later Gorham) for the Friday Night Pleasure Club in 1905. This club was a family social club where families from Indiana would gather for badminton, sack races and picnics. The silver value of this piece is under $600, but we paid $1,200. With our professional affiliations, rich experience and educational background — and access to buyers all over the globe — don’t sell to anyone else until you hear our offer first.


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