What's It Worth? Design Trends Impact Everything

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What's It Worth? Design Trends Impact Everything

For some reason, I can take apart a watch, and measure within a tiny fraction the depth, table and crown angles on a diamond – yet I have never been able to build or fix things around the house. (Family pictures of me wielding a hammer with furrowed brow and nails stored in my mouth are photo-ops. Fake news. Everyone agrees Katrina “wields the hammer” better than I do.)

Nevertheless, I have been a huge fan of architecture. I am pretty good at spotting and identifying Victorian or Greco-Roman-inspired homes, and actually grew up in an old Arts & Crafts 800 square foot 2-bedroom home. Well, the Sears & Roebuck version of Arts andCrafts, anyway. When the five of us moved into the cramped little house in the ’60s, Mom said with pride that this house might be old, but it was a rock-solid Sears & Roebuck home.

Mr. Sears sold everything, it seems. He got his start by selling pocket watches and hired a partner – a watchmaker named Roebuck – to help him, and a couple of decades later was selling whole houses. Our little bungalow was a late-’20s-era pre-fab kit home. These kit homes were delivered via train to small towns in the midwest and beyond, and erected within days. It was called The Berwyn.

Anyway, my love of architecture has helped me identify antiques of all sorts, since various art movements influenced every kind of design. When Greco-Roman balusters were “in,” they showed up on houses, jewelry, watches, picture frames. When art nouveau was in vogue it took over architecture, subway entries, lamps, paintings, fashions – not just jewelry. The art deco period ushered in straight lines on cigarette lighters, print design, jewelry, shoes, and skyscraper façades – as well as furniture, hotels, bridges, you name it.

Valuation? These Sears kit homes are highly sought after and typically bring 10-20% more than similar-sized homes. We are not buying them, but love period Arts & Crafts artwork and jewelry.

We buy all fine art and antiques regardless of style or time period. Entire households purchased.

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