What's It Worth? It’s Tiffany Week at Hess!

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We know we write about Tiffany a lot, but we had to share some spectacular Tiffany pieces that have come in from jewelers around the country this week.

As we have written before, roughly 50 percent of our items come from area residents and the remaining 50 percent from jewelers, coin dealers and pawnbrokers around the U.S.

We paid $18,000 for this large, important Tiffany Japanese aesthetic tray that is made from sterling silver and mixed metals, including gold and bronze inlay, dated 1879. It came from a jeweler in Illinois.

From Ohio came the cream and sugar bowls, which are of a similar era; we paid over $1,000 for them.

The amazing Tiffany boxed serving utensils set, with wonderful flying birds and repousee, is also from the aesthetic period. We paid a Texas jeweler $1,600 for this.

Our profit margin will be small. But we so enjoy buying such pieces and selling them just for the thrill of owning them for a week or two. And we wanted to share them with you! (Please note, most Tiffany trays are not worth $18,000.)

We are experts on Tiffany and people from around the U.S. trust us for valuation identification and sales of Tiffany items.

If you have anything Tiffany for sale, let us bid on it. You will be happy with the price. The 1870s were one of the most exciting eras in Tiffany’s history, and their artisans set the stage for what Tiffany is today.

Let us bid on your Tiffany items or sell them online for you for a commission. You have seen us in Forbes Magazine, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Two former Sothebys.com associates on staff.

House calls available in certain circumstances.

Stop in or call 727.896.0622 for an appointment.

Comments, questions or suggestions for this column, please send to jeffreyphess@aol.com.

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