What’s It Worth? The Value And Fascination Of Old Money

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Most people know that large-size old currency notes are worth money, but did you know that some modern and Confederate currency is valuable? Old currency is fun to collect, and we have longtime customers who are serious collectors with ready cash.

Since the 1930s, American paper bills have been the same size as today – 6 inches wide. Prior to that, our currency was 7½ inches wide, which made handling and storing money unwieldy.

Currency valuation is determined by denomination, size, color, subject, date, signature, and – most importantly – condition. (A) The large-size 1886 silver certificate in a $20 denomination is worth $1,000 in very good condition, and $50,000 in uncirculated condition. This note is rather large, features a picture of Daniel Manning and is highly sought after. (B) A simple, large-size 1923 blue seal 7 inch note. This silver certificate is worth between $15 and $100 depending on condition. Small size, modern notes have value as well. This $2 U.S. Star note (C) is graded by PMG as “gem uncirculated” and is worth approximately $50; in poor condition, it would bring only $5.

Confederate currency is highly collectible now and typically sells for far more than its face value. The $5, 1861 note (D) is worth $10-$100 depending on condition. (Please note that all these notes are hand-signed, and certain signatures can increase a bill’s value.)
An especially sought-after Confederate note is the 1861 $1,000 note (E). An uncirculated example can be worth $25,000-$50,000.

An odd sleeper note, fairly recent by collectors’ standards, is the 1933 $10 silver certicate (F), worth $1,000-$5,000 if in very good to uncirculated condition. It is the same size as our notes today.

A highly iconic and collectible bill is the 1899 “Chief” note (G), which depicts a Native American; we typically purchase for $200-$1,000. And finally, the rare 1863 compound interest Treasury Note (H) can be worth up to $100,000. If you have old American currency or Treasury Notes in excellent condition and would like to sell, bring them in. We can verbally appraise their value for free. A C E G B D F H Any $500 or $1,000 note is worth at least $700-$1,000.

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