What's It Worth? The Value Of Giving Back: Priceless

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What's It Worth? The Value Of Giving Back: Priceless

Today, writing a column about money and “stuff” seems a bit unseemly, so please understand why I am writing about charities instead. These three are particularly personal to Katrina and me.

First is Rotary International, specifically their relationship to the ShelterBox organization. Rotary is one of those old school organizations that continues to be relevant at all times. We have bought several of their ShelterBoxes over the years, and here’s why.

Can you imagine suddenly being homeless due to a natural disaster, like a hurricane, fire or earthquake? No home, no water, nothing. Rotary and ShelterBox ship thousands of ShelterBoxes each year all over the world at lightning speed.

Inside a small trunk, recipients find a two-room hut/tent with a floor that sleeps five, has a water-filtration system and a stove, plus pots, pans, utensils, plates, bowls, toys and more. Designed to last a couple of months, some report living in a ShelterBox for years. Cost: $1,000. Amazing. True value of shelter for your family? Unfathomable. Contact Rotary to learn more. (One more facet of Rotary’s excellent work: through Rotary, Katrina & I have welcomed six amazing exchange students – Diego, Michiru, Nacho, Christoff, Rafa and Ting – who all remain a part of our family even though they have since returned home.)

Ducks Unlimited is another marvelous charity, because of the incalculable value of clean, pristine wetlands. Ducks Unlimited is a perfect charity in many ways, since it transcends politics. Imagine an environmental group that appeals to rough and tough gun-toting sportsmen and hunters, as well as touchy-feely, broad-minded new-age progressives. Perfect! We have raised well over $125,000 for Ducks Unlimited and urge you to check them out for yourself. See what part you can play in their efforts to protect the environment we share.

Lastly, perhaps one of the most critical charities we are involved with is CASA (Community Action to Stop Abuse). Katrina and I have supported CASA for 20 years and continue to this day. Once a cause celebre with hundreds of high-profile celebrities and others attending fundraisers at the Vinoy and other posh venues, today, they are still viable but not as visible. However, the importance of CASA’s mission has not wavered. CASA raises money, awareness and shelter for victims of abuse and does it efficiently and effectively.

Have you been searching for a way to give back during the holiday season? Katrina and I heartily endorse the three above – as well as Amvets and Doctors Without Borders.

Stop in or call 727.896.0622 for an appointment. 



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