What’s It Worth? Vintage Designer Martini Shakers

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Most martini shakers are stainless steel or silverplate, which is why it’s significant to come across one crafted of sterling silver. Signature and designers are very important in valuation.

With the rekindled interest in Art Deco and Moderne 1960s chic triggered by shows like Mad Men, the old-fashioned martini shaker has become a hot collector’s item. Mid-century modern is also one of the hottest eras that has caught the fancy of the collecting public.

Subsequently, a 1930s-era shaker designed by Saunders & Switzer — like the outrageously designed, exceedingly tall piece with the red top — will retail for $3,000, even though it’s silverplate. The 1940s-era cut-glass shaker by Hawkes with the sterling silver top should bring about $1,000 – $1,500.

The 1950s-era wide, gleaming German-made sterling silver cocktail shaker by Koch Bergfeld is quite heavy and should bring double its silver value — or approximately $600-$800.

Many things are worth far more than their “metal value.” Let our firm with its extensive wordwide connections and vast knowledge tell you what YOUR things are worth. (Need to know values? Email Mr. or Mrs. Hess at katrina.hess@hessfineart.com.)

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