What's It Worth? What is the Value Of “Stuff” During a Crisis?

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There are several points of view on this subject — some studious, some passionate and some poignant. Some say collectibles tend to suffer a bit, and we agree. But many collectors use this opportunity to buy up watches, coins, fine art, etc., while the prices are lower and interest has waned. (Gold, however, is very high.)
At Hess Fine Art and Old Northeast Jewelers — being a family business — our highest priority is ensuring our customers and team are safe and healthy. We know that although there must be changes in how we deal with this crisis, there are also factors that need to remain consistent and accessible. While we have furloughed half of our 46-strong team, we will remain open so that we can continue to serve your needs.

First, know that we are taking preventive measures to maintain a clean and healthy environment in our shop. We are cleaning high-touch areas — doors, counters, point-of-sale desks and more — frequently throughout the day with sanitizing solutions. We’ve increased our associates’ focus on and awareness of this.

Second, we take the health of our associates seriously. We have asked any associate who isn’t feeling well to stay home, not only for their well-being and ours, but also for yours.

Third, we are limiting the number of clients in our store to three at one time. We have a large showroom that can provide safe social distances for everyone.

And finally, if you are not feeling well, please stay home. If you would like to do business but can’t leave your house, email us about other options such as sending your gold in a prepaid envelope provided to you by us.

• You can call and make an appointment to meet in our private buying/selling room, away from other clients and customers.
• You can call to arrange a purchase. We can provide pricing, pictures, and more to help you with your decisions.
• We can offer curbside sales and payments, and other services. You can mail in gold or watches; we will call you upon receipt for a consultation and overnight a check or automatic deposit to your account. If you are in good health, we have three house-call specialists who can visit your home or bank. Just call in advance.
• We offer gift certificates.
• We offer shipping and delivery nationwide.

At Hess Fine Art and Old Northeast Jewelers, we provide a customized, private, one-on-one buying and selling experience, free of crowds, in a clean and safe environment. If you are limiting your interactions due to health concerns, we offer a variety of options:

1. Online shopping via email, our website, Facebook or Facetime
2. Free & secure shipping services
3. Virtual appointments
4. We can send you a box preaddressed to send to us and we can overnight a check or deposit money in your bank account.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to continue to serve you.

Let us bid on your antique collectibles or sell them online for you for a commission. You have seen us in Forbes Magazine, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
House calls? Yes — we can meet you at our store, your home, or your attorney’s office.

Stop in or call 727.896.0622 for an appointment.

Comments, questions or suggestions for this column, please send to jeffreyphess@aol.com.

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