What's It Worth? When It Comes To Value, Timing Is Everything

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What's It Worth? When It Comes To Value, Timing Is Everything

While we have paid over $50,000 for a single bronze sculpture in the past, the bronze sculpture market has taken a huge hit in the marketplace and only the best bronzes still bring fantastic dollars. All the rest will sell, but at heavily reduced  prices.

A couple of reasons are A. there are tens of thousands of reproductions in the marketplace and B. bronze sculptures do not fit the current mid-century modern décor craze. They’re elegant and magnificent works of art, but typically dark, heavy and difficult to move. Condition is important.

If they are rubbed, dented,  or re-bronzed, it will hurt the value. This cold-painted bronze of a carpet seller by Franz Bergman (1) was once popular. But thanks to the changing social climate, and the scowl – what once brought $3,000-$5,000, is now worth $1,000-$1,500.

Much more enduring are classic busts like the Greco- Roman female pictured (2). We recently sold for a local client this Harriet Whitney Frishmeth figure (3) with Gorham foundry  marks for $3,000.

Please note: if you have a Remington    bronze and it is genuine, it can    possibly bring $100,000 or more.  Unfortunately, there are tens of  thousands of fake Remingtons in  the marketplace, mostly due to one  Central Florida man who, unlawfully,  some say, reproduced in mass without  permission from the Remington family.  There is a secondary market  for these, but they produce  relatively low dollars.

If you’re looking for a bronze  in your attic or your antique-  hunting ventures, make sure  that there is a clean stamping  of the signature, a foundry  mark, and well-sculpted  eyes and noses – which are  typically the most difficult to  reproduce. We are interested in bronzes and fine and decora-  tive art. We will meet you at your home, storage unit or bank.
We have 3 bona fide art experts on staff.

Stop in or call 727.896.0622 for an appointment. 




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