Hess Fine Art wins Best of the Best Award 2019

Hess Fine Art wins Tama Bay Times Best of the Best Award 2019. The Best of the Best Awards celebrate businesses and organizations loved by the Tampa Bay community.

Hess Fine Art - Tampa Bay's oldest & most reliable buyer of gold, silver, fine watches, jewelry & antiques. Located on 4th Street for over 30 years!

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What’s It Worth? Experience A Glimpse Into Our World’s History

What’s It Worth - Experience A Glimpse Into Our World’s History  

These past few weeks have been pretty exciting at Hess Fine Art as we’ve been getting ready for our big fall arts, sports, important silver and autograph auction. 

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What’s It Worth? Automatons: The Magical Mystery Of Moving Parts

Automatons have been collectible for hundreds of years, since watch and clockmakers figured out how to utilize the gears inherent in timekeeping to animate mechanical objects, figures, animals and people. Automatons (moving parts) can be seen in large locomotive-motif clocks with running wheels and smoke stacks, in bird cages, miniature bird boxes and even pocket watches that tell time and show maidens pumping water, servants ringing dinner bells and even frankly erotic scenes. All the movement in these pieces is simply powered by a clock or wristwatch mainspring. read more

What's It Worth? Predicting Antique Trends

What's It Worth? Predicting Antique Trends

It’s always difficult to predict antique trends, but looking over the past 70 years of collecting, many trends point to our rich immigrant history. Today it appears to be all about Asia. Asian antiques have been steadily growing since 1990, with their peak at around 2014.

In the 1940s, German influence was everywhere. In the 1950s, Italian antiques were very hot as the grandsons and granddaughters of Italian immigrants started buying. The 1960s and ’70s were about Danish modern antiques.

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What’s It Worth? Sapphire & Diamond Art Deco Pin

A local dealer brought in this incredible sapphire and diamond art deco pin from the 1930s for identification and purchase. It did not fetch the amount he had hoped for because we determined that the sapphire was not natural, but synthetic. While inspecting the sapphire under a high-powered microscope, we noticed the curved striae and growth line that indicate it is a synthetic stone. We were, however, able to place another extremely important sapphire from another jeweler for $750,000. read more

What's It Worth? The Design Excesses Of Retro Deco

The retro deco movement wasn’t really a movement but named by dealers for the unhinged, crazy design period shortly after the Art Deco period.

Art Deco was all about straight lines and sharp angles. The response at the end of the period led to designers following some unusual paths. Jewelry, furniture and even paintings exhibited some of these outlandish, almost freeform ideas.

We featured similar watches years ago, but when this item was sent to us by a Los Angeles antique dealer, we thought we would show it to you and let you see for yourself.

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What’s It Worth? Unearthing The Mysteries Of Tanzanite

By the 1960s, many gemologists thought they had seen everything – only to be surprised by the discovery in Tanzania (hence its name) of an exciting “new” gemstone. 

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How Jewelers Can Escape the Gilded Cage

By Jennifer Heebner, Senior Editor
This story appears in the December 2012 issue of JCK magazine

As the price per ounce approaches $2,000, what type of gold jewelry should retailers invest in? JCK asks those who’ve weathered past sales seasons for tips on breaking free from the constraints of cost.

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Old Northeast Jewelers - Diamond Grading

A diamond's cost is based on the characteristics known as the "4 C's". Clarity, Colour and Cut (proportion) are the quality elements which together with the Carat Weight determine the value of a stone. The closer a diamond grades to the left of one or all of these scales the rarer and the more costly it will be. While clarity is frequently assumed to be the most important factor of all the "C's", in fact, colour and cut (especially cut) have a more profound affect on the visual appearance of a diamond.

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History, Art, and Timepieces. Jeff Hess distributes, sells and writes about fine watches from his Florida stores.

What started as a love of vintage watches and the history that propels them turned into a mission of sorts for Jeffrey Hess, North American distributor of Ball Watches and Mühle-Glashütte, CEO of Hess Fine Art and Old Northeast Jewelers, and avid collector.

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