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What's It Worth? Rare Civil War Memorabilia

Civil war medals and adornments were made in many variations ... and millions of them exist. Not only actual medals of honor – issued between 1862 and 1866 – but also medals (actually ribboned souvenirs) of civil war encampments or reunions that were held routinely (until there were only 19 living vets for the final encampment/reunion, which was held in Indianapolis in 1949).

Most of these GAR/encampment/reunion medals are worth $10-$50, with a few early, rare Confederate examples topping $500 or more.

What's It Worth? A Masterpiece In Silver

A Minnesota jeweler recently sent us a large package of sterling silver to sell. Inside was mostly average, reusable antique silver worth 10 to 20 percent over silver value.

Also included was this extraordinary masterpiece – a 45 oz. sterling silver basket by Roger Williams. He was famous in his own right and bought the Howard Sterling Silver Company in New York, and all the silver patterns as well. (In 1903, they merged with the Mauser Mfg. Co. and the Hayes & McFarland Co. to form the Mt. Vernon Silversmiths Co.)

What's It Worth? "Short Snorters?" WTH?

Militaria is fun and historical and often a somber aspect of collecting. Medals, guns, flags, canteens, uniforms, swords, passports, papers and maps are typically the most active pathways of accumulation. And then there’s the short snorter.

What is a short snorter? Basically, it’s a one-dollar bill (or a five or even a twenty) that has been signed by the crew of a ship, airplane, tank unit or group.

What's It Worth? Your Old Watches, Coins And Quilts Might Have Value

An occasional complaint for this Sunday column goes something like this: “We love the Sunday ‘What’s It Worth,’ but we never come across most of the treasures you write about.” So I thought I’d list a few things you might have around the house, and their approximate values.

Old fraternity or sorority pins. The older the better. While most are worth 10% over their gold value, some are worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Whats It Worth? The Highwaymen - A Uniquely Floridian Story

Nothing excites people from various geographic regions more than finding a piece of art from their own area. In the case of the much-celebrated Highwaymen, a loose-knit group of 26 African American, largely self-taught itinerant Floridian artists who flourished between the 1950s and the 1980s, the paintings range from mundane to extraordinary.

What’s It Worth? Think Twice Before You Throw These Away!

Sometimes things that you might think are scrap are worth more than you expect. A case in point is old, empty jewelry boxes. While you won’t be able to sell them and retire on the proceeds, you might be amazed at the value antique boxes have. Any box signed Tiffany – even the modern blue ones – will fetch $10-$25 apiece. The same is true for Cartier. Furthermore, the older and more elaborate the box is, the more value will be associated with it.