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What’s It Worth? Selling Vintage Ivory — An Uphill Battle

We’ve written about ivory before and thought we’d do it again, because of this incredible museum piece that walked through our door several years ago.
Before the recent ivory ban, large, late-1700s–early-1800s Austrian and German steins like this brought $10,000 to $20,000. Today, selling such a piece has become so fraught with difficulty that months of research and authentication are required just to be able to sell it.

What’s It Worth? The Valuation Ups & Downs Of Vintage Cufflinks

Why, exactly? Sadly, the answer is that cufflinks, for the most part, are comparatively unpopular right now, which puts cufflink buyers in a good spot. Cufflinks that brought $8,000-$10,000 during the last wave of cufflink popularity now bring half that.
There is still a lively market in cufflinks, but the prices are just lower than they once were.

What’s It Worth? A Novelty Pocket Watch Worthy Of James Bond

A Novelty Pocket Watch Worthy Of James Bond

Sometimes a watch is more than just a watch. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, luxury Swiss watchmaker LeCoultre (est. 1833) – long known for their watchmaking mastery of complicated chronographs, repeaters and other unusual watches – manufactured a watch for gamblers; it was called the Roulette Casino Royal. This remarkable watch features a composite 5-piece 14K gold case, with outer bezel that freely spins and functions as a roulette wheel. This is a large (42mm, or about 1.65 inches) men’s pocket watch.

What’s It Worth? Here, Duckie Duckie

Here, Duckie Duckie

Collecting duck decoys is one of the most rewarding – and frustrating – experiences in the world of collecting.

The overwhelming majority of duck decoys are common and only worth between $5 and $25. However, because of the cross-collectible interest in duck decoys as utilitarian items for actual duck hunting – and in Americana as an art form – occasionally, they are worth $1,000- $10,000 each.

What’s It Worth? Miniatures — Art On A Smaller Scale

If you have fine art of any kind or any size for sale, we would love to purchase it or put it up on one of our upcoming auctions. Miniature paintings have been done for centuries, but reached their peak in the early to mid-1800s with the Peale family’s impressive output of miniature paintings. The family was famous for them; if you have something signed Peale, it could be worth anywhere from $300 to $100,000.

What’s It Worth? From Then To Now: A Twisty, Fascinating Path

If you have fine art of any kind or any size for sale, we would love to purchase it or put it up on one of our upcoming auctions. While most of our day is spent selling luxury watches and diamonds in our jewelry store, Old Northeast Jewelers, we equally enjoy our fine- and decorative-arts business.

And one of the most oft-asked questions is, “What was the most memorable item you ever bought?”