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What it's Worth

What's It Worth? Is Bullion Ever Collectible?

Everyone likes to have silver or gold in their portfolio, but 99 percent of bullion coins are just that — bullion only — and worth only the gold value. At any given time, it can be worth from 5 percent under to 6 percent over gold value. These bullion gold coins are minted and sold by most countries. South Africa has krugerrands, China has...

What's It Worth? Hallmarking – The Distinction Of Baltimore Silver

Conventional wisdom holds that America is the only country without a proper silver hallmarking system. However, this isn’t entirely true.

Hess Fine Art wins Tama Bay Times Best of the Best Award 2019. The Best of the Best Awards celebrate businesses and organizations loved by the Tampa Bay community.

Hess Fine Art - Tampa Bay's oldest & most reliable buyer of gold, silver, fine watches, jewelry & antiques. Located on 4th Street for over 30 years!

What's It Worth? To Clean Or Not To Clean

One of the most enduring debates in the world of fine art and collectibles is more nuanced than just whether or not to clean an item.

This controversial subject is generally debated in a cerebral and studious manner among aficionados, experts, collectors and academics. But often the discussion turns ugly. I have never seen fisticuffs or...

What's It Worth? German Porcelain From Dresden & Meissen

The city of Dresden and the Meissen factory area are known for their fine porcelain manufacturing, going back centuries. While most pieces of this type are soft (price wise) right now, we recently purchased a nice collection (one piece of which is pictured here).

 What's It Worth? Large Items In The Age Of E-Commerce

One of our most frequent hurdles in buying and brokering estate artwork is being certain the cost of shipping the item to the buyer doesn’t equal or exceed the selling price. Recently we sold two fine-arts auction lots that our customers in other parts of the country and overseas would have been willing to pay over $500 to $1,000...

What's It Worth? Unusual Serving Pieces

Before income taxes, and when prosperous households had help, stainless steel flatware was not only a must but also meticulously designed for a distinct purpose. These pieces required special care, and thorough knowledge of their use – as you wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself by serving a food with the wrong utensil.

What's It Worth? The Winning Pair: Modernism and Provenance

Harry Bertoia was a modern artist in the ’60s who created all kinds of unusual metal work. His art sold in art galleries and furniture galleries along with the likes of Knolls, who was a purveyor of modernist, Danish modern and other mid-century artists.

What's It Worth? The Clans And Tartans Of Scotland

During the first cold snap of the year, everyone brings out their finest cold-weather gear – from furs to scarves. But did you know that those plaid scarves all have a unique and individual meaning?

What's It Worth? The Romance Of Antique Letter Openers

In today’s fast-paced internet-dependent world, the giant stack of snail mail that used to arrive in mail boxes every day has been whittled down to a few cards, letters, and credit invitations.