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What it's Worth


We have always been puzzled by the popularity of collectible stereotypical items like African-American, Asian-American and Native-American memorabilia. These items were all the rage during America’s troubled past. Today, our customer base for black memorabilia is often people of color who seek objects from the most painful chapter in American history. (...


Today, I want to talk about pieces that actually sold at auction.

We have talked in the past about the difference between retail value, insurance value, fair market value and liquidation value. Most think that the typical definition of fair market value is the auction price for a willing seller with a willing buyer, with neither under financial...


Treasure hunting is a national pastime. Miners look for veins of gold or chunks of rare gems. Folks search for buried treasure with their metal detectors and giant, well-funded ships search for 18th century galleons full of gold coins.

Lots of people find treasures, big and small, every day. However, this week, we thought we might...

Do You Have A Museum-Worthy Piece To Donate?

At least once a week, an individual asks our opinion on whether to donate a family heirloom to a museum.

We generally encourage this if certain conditions are met. If a) it’s an important piece that will actually be exhibited, b) there has been a thorough examination by your attorney and accountant, c) it offers a true benefit to...

The Incredible, Collectible Leica

Vintage Leica cameras were manufactured in Germany starting in 1914 and certain models are still made there today. They are considered among the most prestigious in a camera aficionado’s collection.

The Value And Fascination Of Old Money

Most people know that large-size old currency notes are worth money, but did you know that some modern and Confederate currency is valuable? Old currency is fun to collect, and we have longtime customers who are serious collectors with ready cash.

Since the 1930s, American paper bills have been the same size as today – 6 inches wide....

Ships’ Clocks: Keeping Time With Precision

Ships’ clocks have been a staple on military vessels for over 300 years. They vary in value from $400 for a Hamilton non-gimbaled 1940s-era clock, which is basically an oversized pocket watch, to $500 – $2,000 for a gimbaled, boxed Hamilton, to thousands for a marine chronograph that is free sprung with helical hair springs.

The Valuation Ups & Downs Of Vintage Cufflinks

Today is a great time for cufflink collectors.

Why, exactly? Sadly, the answer is that cufflinks, for the most part, are comparatively unpopular right now, which puts cufflink buyers in a good spot. Cufflinks that brought $8,000-$10,000 during the last wave of cufflink popularity now bring half that.
There is still a...

All Silver Is Not The Same

One of the most intense interests at Hess Fine Art is antique silver. Most people don’t know that only half of our goods come from Tampa Bay residents. In addition, jewelers, collectors and pawn shops from around the world send us their unusual and expensive watches, jewelry and especially, their silver.