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What it's Worth

When Subject Matter Stymies Art Valuation 

We were approached some 10 years ago with a warehoused collection of the famous artist and social realist, Emanuel Glicenstein-Romano.

We were highly excited to acquire such a collection and the source was rock solid, so we bought it sight unseen for a prodigious sum of money.

American Post WWII Prints

We typically advertise that we don’t buy prints, because the print market was co-opted in the 1970s by ne’er-dowells, exaggerators and outright fraudsters. We do often buy earlier prints, pre-1970s, created by artists before WWII. They were generally small, and black and white.

Miniatures — Art On A Smaller Scale

If you have fine art of any kind or any size for sale, we would love to purchase it or put it up on one of our upcoming auctions. Miniature paintings have been done for centuries, but reached their peak in the early to mid-1800s with the Peale family’s impressive output of miniature paintings. The family was famous for them; if you have something...

What’s It Worth?

From Then To Now: A Twisty, Fascinating Path

If you have fine art of any kind or any size for sale, we would love to purchase it or put it up on one of our upcoming auctions. While most of our day is spent selling luxury watches and diamonds in our jewelry store, Old Northeast Jewelers, we equally enjoy our fine- and decorative-arts business.

And one of...

Fancy Dials For Fancy Men

At the turn of the 20th century, it was in fashion for men to wear pocketwatches that, when opened, revealed a fancy dial that often depicted flowers and/or soft hues of pink and powder blue.

Sometimes, History Trumps Material

While the material this cameo is made of is mere Pinchbeck (a copper and zinc alloy resembling gold), a secret unfolded when researching the names on the cameo that was truly astounding – and that secret took an otherwise $50 cameo to a $1,000 cameo.

Adah Isaacs Menken was a childhood friend of Annie Holcombe. Annie and her sister were...

Seized Ponzi Spoils Heading to Auction
A St. Petersburg business will drop the gavel on items linked to schemer Scott Rothstein

These unique items will only be up for Auction for a limited time. Don't miss out on your chance to own a piece of history!




Most martini shakers are stainless steel or silverplate, which is why it’s significant to come across one crafted of sterling silver. Signature and designers are very important in valuation.

With the rekindled interest in Art Deco and Moderne 1960s chic triggered by shows like Mad Men, the old-fashioned martini shaker has become a hot collector’s...