What's It Worth? Fabergé Didn’t Just Make Exquisite Eggs

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Karl Fabergé (aka Peter Carl Fabergé, also known as Karl Gustavovich Fabergé), made exquisite, decorative eggs. But that wasn’t all. We have written about his continuing legacy and the companies that still make “Fabergé eggs” in so-called “limited editions” (likely thousands of them produced).

Only about 50 originals were made, with 46 Fabergé’s mark. accounted for. Your chances of ever seeing one, let alone owning one, are slim.

And Fabergé items are heavily faked these days – very carefully faked by incredible Russian artisans. But we come across a few genuine Fabergé pieces a year. Pictured is one that a Tampa Bay woman recently consigned to us for auction. We found this described in an old Sotheby’s catalogue as a “toothpick,” rather oddly considering its large business end.

Regardless, the workmanship is unmistakable. The marks are clear and concise – both Karl Fabergé’s mark and that of one of his top goldsmiths, Michael Perchin. The stone-set (lapis lazuli), diamond encrusted piece is set in 14k gold with proper hallmarks (shown). Our auction estimate for this rarity is $3,000-$4,000. We love Russian antiques of any kind. Especially Russian paintings and artwork.

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