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Civil War medals, fireman badges, military ribbons and the like all have value for collectors. As a watch collector and internet junkie, I peruse the internet for rare or unusual things for my own collection. Eight years ago, I stumbled on an auction in Finland that had an unusual, high-grade 23-jewel Riverside Maximus 14K Hunter case Waltham pocket watch. It is quite scarce and usually brings $2,000-$3000. However, this watch had the Presidential Seal and bore a long inscription about a Danish captain who saved the distressed American schooner, The George Sturges, at sea during Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency. I kept it for many years and decided on a whim – really at the suggestion of my wife to “thin the herd” – to put it up for auction and see what the market would bear. I bought the watch eight years ago for $6,000 at this obscure auction, and when we offered it at our auction, spirited bidding ensued from three of the bidders. The watch hammered (final bid at $15,500). It was purchased by the publisher of a nationally known newspaper. Three former Sothebys.com associates and two art historians on staff. Call or email us if you want to deal with Tampa Bay’s leading auctioneer. We have sold the contents of museums and collections for USF

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