What's It Worth? The Popularity Of Mid-Century Modern Continues

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Our last auction proved again that mid-century modern (your parents called it Danish, art moderne, or modernist), also called retro or simply MCM, is still very hot.

The time period of MCM is argued about constantly by aficionados. I think the seeds of this era started with the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright and the German Bauhaus movement – well before the accepted time period of 1935 to 1970. And some of our MCM pieces were made in the 1980s and may not be accepted as MCM by purists. But like many design eras, the concept often stretches the boundaries of an accepted time period. And artists/designers continue to this day to draw on the era for inspiration.

The end of the popularity of this collectors craze has been predicted since the ’90s but it continues to be popular with older collectors and millennials, who actually use these items in apartments and homes.

See some highlights of our auction below. Our buyers were primarily American; but also from Belgium, France, Spain and Israel.
A. Israeli artist Yaacov Agam boxed balsa wood abstract, 41 of 99 made. $1,750.

B. Belgian designer Ado Chale aluminum coffee table, circa 1988. $32,000.

C. 1966 Robert Indiana 18k gold signed, numbered LOVE ring. $21,250.

D. 1954 Picasso Sujet Poule Hen ceramic madoura (chipped). $3,300.

E. Richard Arbib-designed rare white gold Hamilton Electric Ventura. $3,800.

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