What's It Worth? The Popularity Of Mid-Century Modern Continues Our last auction proved again that mid-century modern (your parents called it Danish, art moderne, or modernist), also called retro or simply MCM, is still very hot.

The time period of MCM is argued about constantly by aficionados. I think the seeds of this era started with the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright and the German Bauhaus movement – well before the accepted time period of 1935 to 1970. And some of our MCM pieces were made in the 1980s and may not be accepted as MCM by purists. But like many design eras, the concept often stretches the boundaries of an accepted time period.

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What's It Worth? Political Cartoons: A True Art Form

Today’s TV pundits are often accused of being rabble rousers, troublemakers and worse. Frequently chided for being mean or controversial just for ratings, both sides of the political spectrum fill hours and hours of airtime with a lot of what is called puff or punditry. Some listeners are enraged. Some actually enjoy the opinions heard around a microphone with a three-camera setup.

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What's It Worth? Cels of Distinction

What's It Worth? Cels of Distinction

Dr. Charles Mahan had an extraordinary collection of what is routinely referred to as “ephemera.” Ephemera is described as “vintage printed or written items that originally served some specific purpose and were not expected to be retained or preserved, but are now cherished.”

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What's It Worth? Heroism Collectibles Civil War medals, fireman badges, military ribbons and the like all have value for collectors. As a watch collector and internet junkie, I peruse the internet for rare or unusual things for my own collection. Eight years ago, I stumbled on an auction in Finland that had an unusual, high-grade 23-jewel Riverside Maximus 14K Hunter case Waltham pocket watch. It is quite scarce and usually brings $2,000-$3000. read more
What's It Worth? That Old Thing In The Corner While we have several professionals who do home and corporate visits, often traveling statewide and nationally, I was intrigued when a woman from Connecticut called a few weeks ago to settle a family estate here in Tampa Bay. The 1940s Tampa Bay mansion was being sold and they needed to get rid of the contents of the 16 rooms. I went on this house call myself, as she had mentioned they had silver, antique books, art glass and paintings. When I arrived, the heirs were accommodating and friendly and let me look at almost everything. read more
What's It Worth? Auction Results Part 2 A few items we have sold at our award-winning internationally known online auction. Picasso limited edition gold pendant, $16,000. Unusual, important Satsuma Group porcelain, $10,000. Regina’s Music box, $10,000. Original art Tarzan comic strip, $10,000. Old Master oil, St. John, $8,000. Pristine Pablo Picasso owl pitcher, $8,000. Syd Solomon painting, $8,000. Nepal Thankga – 17th century, $7,000. Sevres rare table top, $7,000. NY Yankees pendant, $5,000. Tiffany aesthetic Audobon server set, mint condition, $4,000. William J. read more
What's It Worth? Auction Results Part 1 A few items we have sold at our award-winning internationally known online auction. Black forest wooden chest, $3,500. David Webb brooch, circa 1970, $7,500. Ancient jade scholar stone viewing rock, $4,000. Babe Ruth autograph, $3,000. David Hockney lithograph, $12,00. Intricate, signed ivory carving, $7,000. Dupuis bronze gilt mantel clock, circa 1880, $2,000. Aztec solid gold eagle, $4,000. Confederate flag & Civil War collection, $7,000. Jensen Whode covered silver compote, $2,000 Charles Oldenberg teapot etching, $2,000. 18K white gold Accutron Astronaut, $3,500. A Clyde Butcher photo, read more
What's It Worth? The Rich History Of Chicago Arts & Crafts The Arts & Crafts movement was, by most acounts, a direct response to the industrial revolution’s “make-it-quick-with-machinery” era. Machinery made things more quickly and cheaply, without a doubt. But much of the world worried (rightly) about the loss of hands-on artistry. read more
What's It Worth? Samurai Swords – The Stuff Of Legends Few things are more confusing in the world of antiques than samurai swords. Some say they are noble, some say the represent terror – and both are correct. Centuries ago, the Japanese became experts in techniques of sharpening fine steel. Using almost medieval tools, they crafted what Katrina calls the “thermonuclear device of their period.” Indeed – in early Japan, the sharpness of these tools was tested on human beings. read more
What's It Worth? When Baseball Cards Were Young Over the years, we have seen hundreds of thousands of baseball cards. While that may seem like boasting, it is more an admission of abject boredom. While baseball cards are fun as a preteen (when most kids collected them for amusement and fantasy), the fun leaves when the adults get into the picture. They turn into investments. Typically, the cards get sent to a grading lab to determine their authenticity and condition. read more