Bring your Items into our store for an easy offer to buy

Where can I bring in my items?

1131 4th Street North, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. (map)

Who will look at my items?

An expert. Our staff  members each have their own areas of expertise. No one person is an expert on everything - don't sell to anyone who claims otherwise! We always make sure the most qualified person works with you.

I'm making a special trip from far away to come to see you. Will a buyer be in when I arrive?

Yes, a buyer is always on-site. You can always make an appointment. We are honored that many people travel great distances to see us. For your convenience, we also make in-home visits.

What should I bring in with me?

Bring in your items and any original packaging. For example, an original Tiffany Box and receipt may add value. Please bring in identification (drivers license, state ID, passport, military ID). We comply with all laws.